What Is the Fastest Way to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

If you find yourself suffering from erectile dysfunction, you may be looking for a solution and fast. Where do you start? What is the fastest and safest treatment? The Professionals at Revived Medical are experts in treating erectile dysfunction and can help you understand your options, including the latest treatment of Acoustic Wave Therapy.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction? 

Before you can properly treat erectile dysfunction, you first have to understand what it is and how to treat the root cause. Erectile dysfunction is being unable to get or maintain an erection that is firm enough for intercourse. Most men will experience some degree of ED at some point within their life, however, being unable to get or maintain an erection on rare occasion is very common and it typically caused by outside factors such as:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Tiredness

However, if you find yourself regularly experiencing erectile dysfunction then seeking medical assistance can help. Not only can the effects of ED be solved, but the root problem that is causing your ED symptoms can be addressed and corrected. For many people, erectile dysfunction is just that—a symptom and not a diagnosis. The most important part of successfully having an erection is sufficient blood flow to the penis. As a man prepares for sex, the brain sends signals to the body to increase blood flow to the penis. The shaft is made up of a spongy tissue called the corpora cavernosa that is a network of blood vessels which then expands and fills the open spaces with blood. 

In order to successfully treat erectile dysfunction, you have to ensure there is sufficient blood flow to the penis. Experiencing ED is typically more common as men age and the blood vessels in the penis weaken or become blocked with plaque. However, experiencing the following may also increase your chances of having erectile dysfunction:

  • Heart or liver disease
  • Atherosclerosis or clogged blood vessels
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Alcoholism
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Depression

Treatment Options

There are a variety of treatment options available for erectile dysfunction. However, some treatment methods are safer with longer lasting results than others. The most common treatments are: 

  • Medication: There are a variety of oral medications available to temporarily relive the symptoms of ED. That means with the help of a pill, majority of men will typically achieve an erection. Oral medications create a chemical reaction in the brain that sends signals to the muscles in your penis to relax. This allows for blood flow to increase and erections to occur. 
    • Oral medications do not treat the root cause of ED but rather temporarily relive the symptom of being unable to get an erection. 
    • Oral medication needs to be taken in advance and you have to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours prior to having intercourse for it to be effective. 
    • This may be a “quick fix” option, however it isn’t for everyone. If you have certain heart conditions or take other medications, your doctor will determine if this is a safe method of temporarily treating ED. 
  • Surgery or Pumps: In the event that you are unable to take medication you may consider a penile implant or pump. 
    • A penis pump allows you to put a tube over the penis and the air is removed from the tube in a vacuum effect. As the penis pump sucks the air out of the tube, you achieve an erection. A tension ring is then slipped onto the penis to maintain the erection.
    • With the help of surgery, you can get a penile implant. This allows you to be in control of inflating or deflating the penis as needed. This is typically the last resort to treat erectile dysfunction.
      • As with any surgery, there are major risks involved and should be discussed with a medical professional.
  • Acoustic Wave Therapy: This latest trend of treatment is innovative and offers long-lasting results with no surgery or pills involved. Acoustic Wave Therapy uses the latest technology to rejuvenate the existing blood vessels in your penis and encourage new ones to grow. Because this treatment directly improves your blood vessels, it is a long term solution to treating erectile dysfunction. 

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic Wave Therapy has been used in other branches of medicine since the 1980s, to stimulate blood flow and encourages the natural healing process of the body. This revolutionized treatment has been used to treat ED for over 10 years. It is effective for patients of all ages and requires zero surgery, zero recovery, and zero downtime. In addition to the therapy being no risk, it is the fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction long-term.

  • What is Acoustic Wave Therapy? Acoustic Wave Therapy uses a wand-like device that sends audible acoustic pulses into the penis shaft. The pulses stimulate the blood vessels in the penis and helps to displace any plaque build-up. This therapy also encourages new blood vessels to grow. With the creation of new blood vessels and the revitalization of old ones, blood flow to the penis is increased allowing you to successfully obtain an erection.
  • What To Expect? Depending on the severity of your erectile dysfunction, you will have 4 to 6 treatment sessions. All of which are completed within 20 minutes with no pain or recovery period. The wand-like device will be moved over the penis as it sends acoustic pulses over the shaft. No needles, pills, or injections are used. After treatment you can continue your daily activities with no downtime. 
  • Results:  Results of erectile dysfunction are typically seen within 2 weeks of the first treatment and continue to improve over the course of a month until they peak. Results last for months and in some cases, years to come. Acoustic Wave Therapy allows you to successfully get and maintain an erection on demand. 

If you find yourself suffering from erectile dysfunction, know that help and treatment are available to you. Acoustic Wave Therapy offers fast and long-lasting relief of ED as it naturally improves blood flow to the penis. Get your sex life back with no needles, no surgery and no risk.


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