What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection firm enough for intercourse and effects majority of men at one point or another. Because erectile dysfunction isn’t a popular topic for discussion, you may be asking yourself, what is erectile dysfunction? How do you know if you are suffering from ED? And most importantly, is there a way to treat erectile dysfunction? Luckily, the team at Revived Medical can help you understand what erectile dysfunction is and how to treat it. For good.


Erectile dysfunction effects nearly 40% of men at some point in their life. Men may notice they are unable to get or maintain an erection on occasion due to outside factors such as stress or alcohol, but others, especially as men age, may find themselves suffering from ED on a regular basis. If this is the case, your sex life and mental health may suffer. 

ED is often caused due to blood flow issues to the penis. The penis is made up of a tissue called the corpus cavernosum which resembles a sponge. To get an erection, blood flows into the penis and fills this spongey tissue causing the penis to expand and swell—successfully getting an erection. Some men may find the blood vessels that allow the blood to flow to the penis are blocked or weakened. This can prevent you from getting an erection. However, in order to maintain an erection, the veins in the penis need to close to prevent blood from escaping. Once the blood leaves the penis, the erection will go down and the penis will be limp.

Symptoms and Causes

Although ED is commonly caused due to blood flow issues, there may be other factors involved such as:

  • Stress
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Medications
    • Some common medications used to treat blood pressure or depression may cause impotence. If you are taking any medication, always ask your doctor about possible side effects.
  • Depression or anxiety

Signs you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction include: 

  • Unable to get an erection
  • Frequently experiencing impotence
  • Having low sex drive 

Although men will often experience ED on occasion, if you find yourself unable to get or maintain an erection regularly, seeking help from a professional can make a difference. ED isn’t something you have to live with or suffer through.


Living with erectile dysfunction can negatively impact your sexual life, mental health, self-esteem, and relationships. Men often find themselves in a downward spiral of ED where they continue to get more frustrated and insecure until they lose interest in sex all together. ED doesn’t have to hang over your head or rule your life. There are treatments available that provide long term results.

  • Medication: ED medications are one of the more well-known treatments available. Big name brand medications are by prescription only and work by increasing blood flow to the penis. This is a quick fix to erectile dysfunction and when taken in advance, can successfully allow you to get an erection. The effects of medication typically last 24-36 hours.
  • Surgery: Surgery is an option for very extreme cases of ED. Typically, when surgery is preformed, a rod is implanted into the penis that allows you to get an erection and deflate the penis after intercourse. This course of treatment is usually a last case scenario. As with any surgery, there are always risks and recovery time to consider.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Lifestyle changes may not cure ED, but it can cure the problem relating to your erectile dysfunction. For example if obesity is causing you difficulty to get or maintain an erection, making the lifestyle change to lose weight may help to reverse these symptoms. Other lifestyle changes can be:
    • Quit smoking
    • Therapy 
    • Limiting alcohol intake
  • Acoustic Wave Therapy: Acoustic Wave Therapy is a new treatment method that provides long-term results with no surgery and no pills. This revolutionary treatment has been used in the medical world since the 80s but has been used to treat ED for almost 15 years. Using a wand-like device, the wand is directed over the penis where audible acoustic waves are generated to stimulate the blood vessels in the penis. This helps to revitalize existing blood vessels and also creates new ones. As the blood vessels are rejuvenated, blood flow to the penis is easier to achieve and allows you to get an erection on demand. Men typically see results in as little as two weeks from the start of treatment with results lasting months to come. 

Erectile dysfunction is something most men will experience on occasion. However, if you find yourself suffering from ED regularly, know that treatment is available. Acoustic Wave Therapy offers long-term results with no risk and great reward. The team at Revived Medical can help you get your sex life back today.


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