Living With and Treating Peyronie’s Disease

Majority of men suffering from Peyronie’s disease—a penile curvature— are unaware that treatment is available. Being able to get and maintain an erection is important for a man’s physical and mental health. For those experiencing Peyronie’s disease, getting and maintaining an erection and/or experiencing an erection without pain is often difficult. However, the effects of Peyronie’s disease can be reversed and Revived Medical can help you get your confidence and performance back.

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s disease is a penile curvature which is caused by scar tissue—also called plaque—within the penis shaft and can happen to any man at any time, although roughly 10% of men experience this disease in their lifetime. Peyronie’s disease is caused by trauma to the penis from a sexual injury, sporting, or miscellaneous accident. Once the penis has sustained a serious injury, over the next 6 to 7 months, scar tissue forms within the shaft and the penis slowly begins to bend. During this period called the acute phase, the curvature gradually worsens. Following the acute phase is the chronic phase. This is when the penis curvature no longer worsens and remains stagnant until treatment is sought after.

The curvature men experience due to Peyronie’s disease can angle the penis up, down, left, or right and curves where the plaque has developed. In order to successfully get an erection, the blood vessels within the penis open to allow for more blood flow within the shaft, while the tissues that makeup the penis trap the blood and build up pressure, resulting in an erection. Scar tissue is rigid and doesn’t allow that portion of the penis to expand or stretch when getting an erection which results in the curvature.


  • Curvature or bend to the penis
  • Penis is smaller in length and size
  • Painful and/or hard lumps appear along the penis shaft
  • Unable to get an erection
  • Pain getting an erection
  • Difficulty having intercourse due to curvature
  • Erections are soft


Peyronie’s disease is diagnosed by a healthcare provider by completing a physical exam. The provider will examine the penis and locate any plaque or scar tissue. To determine the degree of the curvature, the provider may then use an injection to temporarily make the penis erect. The final step in diagnosing Peyronie’s disease is by having an ultrasound done. This will provide a better overall picture of the scar tissue and how the blood is flowing through the penis.

Available Treatments

Majority of Peyronie’s disease cases will require treatment as it rarely subsides on its own. Available treatments include:

  • Medication-Pills can be taken to help reduce inflammation and plaque within the penis. However, like majority of medications, there are potential side-effects and risk factors to consider.
  • Injections-Injections allow medication to be directly administered to the problem area rather than taken orally. Injections are used to help slow and break down scar tissue. Injections need to be discussed with a doctor to understand potential risks and side-effects.
  • Surgery-Surgery is typically a last result treatment option as all surgery has major risks and requires a recovery period. Surgical options can alter the shape of the penis to help reverse the curvature. In severe cases of Peyronie’s disease where men can’t get an erection, a penile prosthetic can be surgically inserted to assist.
  • Acoustic Wave Therapy-Using acoustic waves, the natural healing processes within the body are amplified to heal scar tissue within the shaft and straighten the curvature of the penis. Acoustic wave therapy is a risk and pain free treatment.

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic Wave therapy has been used in medicine since the 1980s as it inherently increases the body’s natural healing process by using acoustic shockwaves. When using this treatment for Peyronie’s disease, painless shockwaves are emitted over the scar tissue using a wand-like device. These sound waves heat up the collagen and elastin fibers within the penis which helps to reduce the plaque and scar tissue. As the scar tissue naturally repairs itself, the curvature of the penis will gradually straighten. 

Acoustic wave therapy is a revolutionary treatment that is pain and risk free and requires no recovery period. Because therapy uses no needles, surgery, or pills, men can expect to resume their day to day activities immediately following treatment. A customized treatment plan is made to fit each individual, but majority of men need about 5 treatment sessions which are all completed in under 30 minutes.


As the body naturally begins to heal and repair itself, on average, men start to see results in as little as a week with results continuing to peak within the first month of treatment. Results typically last for years to come, but follow-up treatment can be preformed as desired.   

Don’t suffer from Peyronie’s disease in silence. Help and treatment is available. With the help of acoustic wave therapy, not only can the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease be relieved, but the bodies natural healing process is sped up to help treat the disease for good. To get your confidence and performance back, schedule your consultation with Revived Medical today. 


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