How Acoustic Wave Therapy Can Enhance Male Sexual Performance 

All men find themselves wanting to perform at their peak with longer lasting and stronger erections. This increases confidence and the relationship with your partner while decreasing depression and anxiety. Naturally, as men age and testosterone begins to decrease, so will the quality of erections. Whether you suffer from erectile dysfunction or you simply find yourself wanting better stamina and sexual performance, there are options available to you. 

Male Performance and Getting Erections

The most essential part of getting an erection, is having sufficient blood flow to the penis. As men age, testosterone levels decrease and plaque builds up within the blood vessels of the penis. As the plaque builds up, it blocks the blood flow within the penis shaft and ultimately decreases the quality of erections. This can also result in erectile dysfunction. 

In order to successfully get an erection, a man has a physical and neurological reaction to something they saw, felt, smelt, etc. The brain then begins to send signals to the body which allows the muscles in the penis to relax. As the penis muscles relax, blood can seamlessly flow into the penile tissue called the corpora cavernosa. This tissue is sponge-like and is made up of air pockets that fill and trap blood, successfully resulting in an erection. 

Pills Are Temporary Solutions

Men looking into increase their sexual performance may find themselves considering erectile dysfunction pills. After all, pills are known to help men get strong erections that last longer than average. However, medications are only a temporary solution that treat the symptoms of not getting firm erections but they don’t treat the underlying issue—sufficient blood flow.

Erectile dysfunction pills offer short-term relief but with added risks and side-effects. Not only are these prescription only, but the pills must be taken prior to intercourse for it to be effective—goodbye spontaneity. ED pills can also negatively react with other medications and can be risky for patients with heart or liver conditions. 

ED pills offer a short-term solution to get and maintain firm erections by causing a chemical reaction in the brain to relax the muscles within the penis. Because ED pills are only a temporary solution with added side effects, there are risk free and long-term treatments available to consider.

Increase Sexual Performance Naturally
For healthy men with no underlying medical conditions, there are things you can do to improve your overall health which can in turn, improve your erections by increasing blood flow:

  • Exercise: Exercise naturally reduces stress and anxiety thanks to the release of endorphins within the brain. Endorphins are released to help you feel pain relief or a sense of calm when the body is in distress.
  • Eat Balanced Meals: Making conscious decisions to eat healthy foods will increase your overall health and cardiovascular system. Choose foods that are heart healthy to reduce inflammation and improve your body’s overall blood circulation. 
  • Eliminate Smoking: Nicotine, is known to restrict the blood vessels within the body, thus, decreasing blood circulation. Eliminating nicotine will allow for better blood flow and help increase erections.
  • Reduce Stress: Cortisol is a hormone released when you are stressed. Too much cortisol can restrict blood vessels in the body which also decreases blood flow to your organs and penis. Reducing stress can allow the blood to flow more easily throughout the body

Increase Sexual Performance With Medical Assistance

If you are looking for additional assistance to increase your erections and sexual performance, acoustic wave therapy is a risk free treatment that amplifies your body’s natural healing processes to increase blood flow to the penis. 

  • What Is Acoustic Wave Therapy: Acoustic wave therapy is a treatment option that use a wand-like device to administer audible acoustic waves along the penile shaft. These waves stimulate the penis to grow new blood vessels and rejuvenate existing ones that may have been blocked with plaque. As the blood vessels grow and improve, the circulation to the penis also improves allowing for stronger and firmer erections. Sessions are typically completed in under 25 minutes and require no anesthesia, pills, or needles.
  • Results: Majority of men can see results in as little as one week following the initial treatment with results continuing to progress over the next month. Following the final treatment session, results typically last for years to come.
  • Recovery: Patients can resume daily activities immediately following treatment and therapy requires no recovery period.

Acoustic wave therapy is a revolutionary treatment option that naturally increases blood flow to the penis with no pills or needles. As the blood flow to the penis increases, conditions such as erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease are treated for good. This treatment also allows patients to benefit from stronger erections that last longer. Stronger erections, stronger libido, and stronger sexual performance can all be achieved with acoustic wave therapy. Schedule your free consultation with Revived Medical to get started today.


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