Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED Explained

Many men suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction at one point or another. Not only does this affect you physically, but suffering from ED can take a huge toll on you mentally. If you find yourself unable to get or maintain an erection frequently, then you are probably considering getting professional help. Medicated or surgical treatments often treat the symptoms of ED but not the cause. Luckily acoustic wave therapy can help to cure erectile dysfunction by treating the root cause—typically a lack of blood flow.

1. What is Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED?

Acoustic wave therapy is a safe course of treatment for those suffering from ED. Shockwave therapy has been used in a variety of medical fields since the mid 80s and started being used to treat ED for roughly the last ten years. To better understand how the treatment works, it’s important to know penile anatomy. To get an erection, blood flows to the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum— the two main tissues in the penis—and fills the empty spaces of tissue with blood causing the penis to swell and become erect. Because veins carry blood to your heart and away from your organs, veins in the penis typically close to build pressure, allowing you to maintain an erection. However, if you suffer from ED, you may not be able to get enough blood flow to the penis to get an initial erection and/or your veins in the penis open decreasing the pressure and causing you to lose your erection. 

Acoustic wave therapy is a treatment that uses acoustic or low intensity shock waves to increase blood flow and create new blood vessels (neovascularization). This is done by stimulating the corpora cavernosa tissue. With new and healthy blood vessels, the penis should be able to swell, become, and stay erect.

2. How is Acoustic Wave Therapy Preformed?

Acoustic wave therapy is preformed over a period of time using a machine with a wand similar to what you may see during an ultrasound. Every individual has a unique situation. Our team at Revived Medical will preform an evaluation and determine the best timeline for treatment. Often times, acoustic wave therapy is preformed two to three times a week over the span of weeks or months. Because acoustic wave therapy is non-invasive and doesn’t require the use of anesthesia, you are able to resume your daily functions immediately after your session. 

Once your course of treatment has been determined by a Revived Medical specialist, here is what you can expect the first day of treatment:

  • Although the procedure is relatively pain free, you may have the option of receiving a topical numbing cream to be applied to the treatment area. 
  • The acoustic wave therapy will then begin by having the wand-like tool moved over different parts of the penis.
  • The wand will emit rapid acoustic pulses or bursts which stimulates the penile blood vessels to regenerate. This process is also called neovascularization. 
  • Each session lasts roughly 20 minutes.

3. Who Qualifies for This Treatment?

Although it is always crucial to speak with a professional to determine your best course of treatment, acoustic wave therapy is very effective for those with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. If you are currently taking a pill and seeing positive results, you will likely benefit from getting this treatment. However, rather than needing to take a pill to get an erection, you can experience acoustic wave benefits for years to come, bringing back the spontaneity of an erection. 

4. Recovery Expectations

Because acoustic wave therapy is non-invasive, the recovery is fairly easy. After your session, you will be able to resume your day as normal. Most patients are even able to drive themselves to and from the procedure. Typically, if you experience tenderness or pain after the procedure, an over-the-counter pain relief such as Motrin can help.

Positive results can typically be seen within 1 month of completing your treatment.

Your provider will also go over possible negative side effects (although very uncommon) such as severe pain or blood. If you experience anything as outlined by your provider, please call for further instruction and evaluation.

5. Long Term Effects of Acoustic Wave Therapy

After successfully completing your acoustic wave therapy, results of getting and maintaining an erection can last for years to come. When taking medication, you are temporarily relieved of the effects of erectile dysfunction. However, when treated with acoustic wave therapy, you are treating the problem not the symptoms. You will not only maintain an erection, but your confidence and self-esteem will once again be restored. 

Everyone knows about the little pill you can take for erectile dysfunction and you will magically get an erection. Keep in mind, this is a completely temporary moment created by medication. With acoustic wave therapy, you will treat the root cause of erectile dysfunction, giving you a more permanent and long-term solution. Don’t just treat the symptoms of not being able to get an erection. Acoustic wave therapy will allow you to take back control of your body, sex life, and confidence. Invest in yourself. Revived Medical is ready to start you on this journey. 


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